ICICI Bank has started offering 1% cash back on every Home Loan EMI  of new home loans. Applicant will received cashback benefit maximum up to 30 years  of loan tenor. Under this scheme, the Bank will give 1% cashback on every EMI paid for the entire loan tenure.

The cashback amount will be automatically credited to applicant account or will get adjusted against principal outstanding of your loan as per the choice of the applicant. The cashback offer will save about  10% of the principal amount.

Important Key Points

  • To avail this offer, Applicant must have ICICI Bank account and loan repayment has to be through ICICI Bank account.
  • The scheme is available for new home loan and mortgage loan customers.
  • This cash back offer is linked with ICICI Home Loan with a minimum tenure of 15 years and up to 30 years.
  • The cashback will be applicable and offered after the first EMI itself.
  • Cashback amount will be provided to the customers only after the completion of 36 EMIs and afterwards on yearly basis i.e 12 EMIs.
  • You can avail this loan using Balance transfer facility.
  • Flexibility of either opting for direct Cashback credit to your ICICI Bank account or as pre-payment in your loan account.
  • Scheme is available for NRI customers also.

To Know more about this cash back offer, Please contact with your home loan consultant Now and get your benefits calculated.