Home Loan Pre approval – Process

Are you buying a residential property and need Home Loan Pre Approval to buy new home. You are at the right place, We can help you with the Best Rate Deals.

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We have excess to Best Home loan products to suffice your requirement. We will help you comparing loan products of all Top Banks and NBFC. Our Loan Experts will do all the leg work to find the best suitable product to meet all your Loan expectation with a range of specific features and with Guaranteed Approval.

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How much can I borrow?

Get a quick estimate on how much you may be able to borrow based on your current income and existing financial commitments. You have to fill above form to get your home loan eligibility calculated. You can also check your estimated home loan eligibility using our home loan eligibility calculator.

The bank disburse your home loan as per following terms and conditions:-

  • 90% of Property Value if Home Loan amount is less than 30 Lakh
  • 80% of Property Value if Home Loan amount is less than 30 Lakh but less than75 Lakh
  • 75% of Property Value if Home Loan amount is more than 75 Lakh.

Cibil Score & Loan Approval

Banks offers Home Loan based on your current property Valuation and your financial eligibility. In addition to this, Banks will also check your cibil score and it has to be more than 650. In case you don’t have any idea about your current cibil score, connect with us Our team is ready to help you.

Property on Joint Name

If the property is jointly owned, the both owners will have to be loan applicant and their credit score will be considered while processing your Loan Application. In addition to credit score, their financial eligibility will also be calculated to offer them the financial sanction against their monthly income.

Calculate your home loan eligibility by using our Eligibility calculator.

What can I use My Home loan?

You can apply for Home Loans to buy

  • A ready to move in Flat / Apartment
  • Flat / Apartment in New Project
  • Under – Construction flat from secondary market
  • Buying a residential plot in approved area
  • Home construction and extension
  • Buying a ready to move home / flats.

Compare current home loan interest rates.

How quickly must I repay my Loan against Property?

You can avail a Loan for a minimum term of 5 years; its repayment can be spread across a term of up to 30 years. This higher term can mean that you can benefit from low monthly interest rates, but you will have to pay more interest.

You are free to repay your Housing Loan any time in full or partially as per banks policy without paying any pre payment and foreclosure charges.

Housing Loan Consultation, at no extra cost

HomeLoanDSA offers Loan consultancy free of cost. Let a Loan expert consult and guide you before Application. Simply share your contact details below and we would get in touch with you very soon.